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The bomber jacket with a lived-in look that's ready to take you on many more adventures, comfortably and reliably!
Bomber jacket in comfortable, hardwearing cotton, with warm, breathable padding.
The color of the outer fabric is specially treated to give it an irregular, weathered look.
The collar, waistband and cuffs are made of a stretchy rib knit.
On the left sleeve is a patch pocket with a zip.
The two front flap pockets have snap button closures.
The Jeep® logo is embroidered on the left sleeve.


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149 €
Strong Seams
Strong Seams
Strong Fabric
Strong Fabric
From the first time you put on this bomber jacket, it'll feel like it's always been yours.
That's because of the very comfortable, hardwearing cotton, which adapts perfectly to your body, and the fabric treatment that spreads color unevenly, creating a suggestive vintage effect.
As always with Jeep® products, it's the material that makes the difference. In this case, the padding is made of a breathable insulating material that retains heat and helps eliminate moisture. So your body is kept constantly at its ideal temperature, whether you're heading into the metropolitan winter or out of town towards the wilderness.
Your protection against the cold is completed by the knit ribbed collar, cuffs and waistband, which keep it close to your body whichever way you move.
The pockets are useful for storing small objects such as smartphones, compasses and documents. There's a patch pocket on the left sleeve, with an especially sturdy zip, and two front flap pockets, in classic bomber style, with snap button closures.
On the left sleeve, near the pocket, you'll also find the Jeep® logo, embroidered like a medal in honour of all those who put no limits on their desire to explore.



Customer Reviews
By David On 1/31/2019
Excellent fit, ease of movement and no rustling fabric, warm in very cold weather (minus two degrees C) when I first went out in it. I bought the olive version and it blended into the forest surroundings perfectly while a kept an eye on some fox cubs I'd found on a previous visit (wildlife aid, not a photographer or hunter).
Equally comfortable in the cockpit, though I had to unzip as full canopy- will try it in an open cockpit later in year but pretty confident. Much better than my A1 leather jacket for comfort. It gave me much more freedom of movement in the undergrowth and seemed light compared to my old outdoor jacket. Big plus; It didn't ride up to freeze my kidneys like most short jackets. Overall, great value for money; a standard 'bomber jacket' ( USAF ) is over twice the price!! and it does rustle a bit - no worries if you are flying but not so good in the great outdoors.