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XP Socks Long


Only with these socks can you set foot where you have never been before.
Long thermal socks, combining high-tech yarns and merino wool for maximum performance during challenging winter activities.
Differentiated knitting structures provide the protection, cushioning and ventilation required in different areas of the foot and leg.

These socks are designed to let you keep going when the others give up.
Discover the benefits of a symbiosis between natural fibre and high-tech yarn.
The result is a sock with outstanding performance, which combines the quality of merino wool (insulation, breathability and moisture transmission), with the toughness and elasticity of technical fibres.
Moreover, the precise identification of different areas of the foot and the leg during the design phase allows them to be served by different structures offering protection, shock-absorption and breathability respectively.
These are the socks you need for the most adventurous winter of your life.

  1. Color
  2. Black/Dark Grey Melange/Red
  3. Black/Dark Grey Melange/Grey
  4. Black/Dark Grey Melange/Lime

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  1. Size
  2. 39/42
  3. 43/46

14.9 €
Abrasion resistant
Abrasion resistant
Merino tech
Merino tech
Maximum protection in the most stressed areas
- In the front, over the tibia, a soft support cushions against contact with your boot, preventing friction
- In the calf area, another reinforced section with channels for breathability provides protection while simultaneously improving air circulation
- On the sides, a protective terry structure alternating with small transpiration points prevents chafing without weighing the sock down
- On the ankle bone, a terry buffer minimises friction against the shoe
- From the heel to the Achilles tendon, lightweight terry knitting insulates against rubbing
- On the heel and toe, a reinforced knitted structure guarantees excellent durability even after persistent stress; the high elasticity of the structure ensures the sock adheres perfectly to the foot, preventing the formation of uncomfortable creases
- On the sole, under the heel and at the ball of the foot, shock-absorbing areas reduce the impact of concentrated bodyweight while walking

The advantage of perfect breathability
- At the instep, a broad mesh structure facilitates the transmission of perspiration, channelling it upwards
- Under the sole of the foot, air circulation is ensured by small transpiration points positioned along the Jeep Xtreme Performance symbol that extends from heel to toe
- In the central part of the arch, a large mesh structure wraps around the foot, keeping it fresh and dry by rapidly expelling moisture

Details that ensure perfect comfort
- The comfortable elastic edge holds the sock up without pinching
- Ultra-flat stitching on the toesprevents chafing
- The foot is wrapped in a bandage of elastic knitting structure, outlined by the Jeep Xtreme Performance symbol; so that the sock is perfectly integrated with the foot, following its movements and preventing any kind of friction

The symbol of a unique style
On the edge of the sock, in a contrasting color, is the Jeep Xtreme Performance symbol.


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