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Passion, freedom, and adventure are the powerful values at the very heart of the Jeep® brand. Since 1941, the Jeep® name has been globally renowned for rugged outdoor adventure without comparison or compromise. Just as your dreams know no barriers, living the lifestyle of the Jeep® brand is about overcoming life's challenges to experience the grandest of adventures. Jeep® apparel embodies the values of superior quality, authentic style and durability. Ready to adapt to life's many adventures, the collection is a perfect unison of versatile products and materials, able to rise to the demands of everyday life in the city or the rugged outdoors.

Versatility is a key feature in the Jeep® apparel collection with innovative solutions built into every garment. A highlight is the Jeep® branded jacket which transforms into travel cushion for times when you are stuck at the airport or train station for hours. Another highlight is the Jeep® branded m-pants, a tri-modular pant that doubles up as a utility shoulder bag when required.

Jeep® apparel is dedicated to those who love to live an active life and need to stay free. Whether you are a freedom explorer who feels the irresistible call of the wild or a city dweller who bravely faces the challenges of everyday life, the Jeep® apparel collection is the perfect answer to every need.
Always ready for your moment. Always working with you. Rugged, reliable & versatile with a unique and distinctive style, Jeep® apparel is capable of adapting with extreme flexibility to any situation. With Jeep® apparel, you can live life as an adventure or any other way you want: "Welcome to versatility"