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Men's Boot Comfort Socks J4AS


Experience the ultimate comfort in socks with Jeep® Boot Comfort Socks. The cushioned sole for shock and sweat absorption, fit Bandage arch support, comfort cuff, reinforced toe and heel, and air panel on the sole make will keep your feet dry and comfortable throughout the day.

  1. Color
  2. Black/Light Grey Mel/Dark Grey Mel
  3. Military/Light Grey Mel/Black
  4. Dark Grey Mel/Light Grey Mel/Sunflower
  5. Light Grey Mel/Dark Grey Mel/Black

  6. [ ]
  1. Size
  2. 35/38
  3. 39/42
  4. 43/46

9.9 $

The Man Boot Comfort Socks are the perfect combination of attention to detail and have been specially designed to provide maximum comfort. The reinforced heel and toe with thin and flexible seams are two features that maximize comfort. The fit Bandage, with a double structure, ensures complete adherence of the sock during movement.  The sole draws perspiration outwards thanks to its pattern, specially designed to keep the feet dry and at a constant temperature. The legendary reference to the founding year of the brand is placed on the tibia, along with the Jeep® logo positioned on the back.



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