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Light Bomber Sweatshirt "Grille" Full Zip J8S


With its bomber-jacket style and a 7-slot grille over your heart, you can really set off in freedom
Lightweight bomber-jacket-style sweatshirt, with vintage-effect print over the heart featuring the Jeep® 7-slot grille.
Made of cool, very comfortable, soft cotton.
The metal-effect front zip features a rubber zip-pull with a 3D-effect Jeep® logo in a contrasting color.
The cuffs and waistband are ribbed so as to keep the garment snug to the body.
Fitted with two front pockets.
Available in a range of colors ranging from iconic Jeep® tones to shades recalling the natural world.

  1. Color
  2. Vintage Indigo/Light Grey
  3. Avocado/Dark Grey
  4. Dark Grey Meangel/Light Grey
  5. Light Grey Melange/Vintage Indigo

  6. [ ]
79.9 $
Strong Seams
Strong Seams
Ideal Fit
Ideal Fit
Made with care
Made with care
Strong zip
Strong zip
This sweatshirt is a manifesto of Jeep® values: quality, versatility and attention to detail.
The quality is in the fabric: lightweight cotton, perfect for summer, cool and comfortable.
The versatility is in the bomber-jacket cut, which makes it suitable for city life as well as trips into the wild.
The passion for details can be seen in the metal-effect front zip and the rubber zip-pull where the Jeep® logo stands out thanks to a color contrast and a 3D effect.
Another smart detail: the 7-slot grille is printed with an technique that distributes the color unevenly to create a vintage effect.
To follow your every movement, whether you're snaking through the city traffic or putting up your tent for a night in the woods, the wrists and waist are ribbed, keeping the sweatshirt close to your body.
Whatever your destination, you can keep your essential items in the two front pockets.
The colors are versatile too, ranging from those of legendary Jeep® story to those reflecting the colors of nature.



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