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T-Shirt Grile Velvet Embroidery (Custom Fit)


Discover the limited edition T-shirt that redefines the concept of attention to detail
Limited edition T-shirt made with high-quality materials and great attention to detail.
The fabric is a refined cotton, carefully selected for its quality, in an original color contrasted by the crew-neck and sleeve hems.
The printing and embroidering of the labels and logos is carried out with sophisticated, high-value techniques.
There are two exclusive details that set the collection apart: the small, 3D-effect, rubber injection print of the Jeep® 7-slot grille behind the right shoulder, and the hashtag #produzionilimitate, again in a 3D-effect rubber print, in the lower left corner on the front.

Regular Price: $69.90

Special Price $34.95

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Regular Price: $69.90

Special Price $34.95

34.95 $
Strong Fabric
Strong Fabric
Ideal Fit
Ideal Fit
Made with care
Made with care
Outstanding fabric, original color
This is a T-shirt to appreciate one detail at a time, like the most adventurous trips.
Your first discovery will be the fabric: a refined cotton of exquisite quality, guaranteeing the utmost comfort as well as lightness and strength.
Another distinguishing feature is the color: a highly original tone that makes the garment all the more exclusive. The crew-neck and sleeve hems, on the other hand, are in classic Jeep® colors, creating an attractive tonal contrast.
And thanks to its modern fit, it follows the lines of your body without clinging.

Exceptional attention to detail
Discover an incredible series of perfectly realised details, from the highly resistant seams to the pure cotton ribbing at the crew-neck and sleeve edges, another uncommon and valuable feature in a T-shirt.

Aesthetically and technically advanced prints and embroidery
The logos and lettering trace a path of style and originality, making this T-shirt a rare and refined garment, a wearable story to decode like a treasure map.
For a clear indication, just look at the first clue: the Jeep® logo inside the collar on a square jacquard label skilfully attached with only 4 corner stitches
Then behind the right shoulder you’ll find small 7-slot grille printed in rubber with a 3D effect, referencing an icon of adventure and liberty.
The exclusive seal provided by the words“#produzionilimitate” on the lower left corner at the front of the T-shirt, again printed in rubber with a 3D effect, identifies the whole collection.
On the chest, the oversize version of the 7-slot grille, made up of circles with velvet surfaces and coordinated stitches, demonstrates the high degree of sophistication of the garment’s production.

Book-shaped packaging: also ideal for gifts
The packaging is surprisingly original too: designed in the shape of the book, it is ideal for storing the T-shirt and perfect for an unusual gift.

100% Cotton


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