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T-Shirt "STAR" J8S


The legendary Jeep® star on an exclusive Camoucork graphic: this T-shirt is already a collector's item!
T-shirt with oversize print of the Jeep® star in exclusive Camoucork graphic, obtained by superimposing a camouflage motif over a real photo of cork.
The fabric is a very comfortable, heavy-duty cotton.
You can choose from a set of colors ranging from the classic tones of Jeep® history to hues inspired by nature.
The Jeep® logo is on the back, at neck height.

  1. Color
  2. Vintage Indigo/Light Grey
  3. Avocado/Grey Camoucork
  4. Light Grey Melange/Blue Camoucork
  5. Dark Grey Melange/Jeep Core Yellow
  6. Black Coffe/Green Camoucork
  7. W337
  8. Y147

  9. [ ]
34.99 $
Ideal Fit
Ideal Fit
Made with care
Made with care
There are stars that look down from above and then there is one star, a unique and legendary one, that watches over adventure lovers everywhere.
It is of course the Jeep® five-point star, featured on this T-shirt with an exclusive Camoucork graphic, a special photographic print made by superimposing a transparent camouflage motif over a real photo of cork.
Wear it to explore the urban landscape or to head out to where the land is greener and nature is shrouded in silence: its soft, strong cotton is a guarantee of absolute comfort.
It comes both in the iconic colors of Jeep® history and in tones inspired by those of nature.
In some versions the star is printed as a solid color, for greater aesthetic impact.
The Jeep® logo is on the back under the neck, visible to anyone who follows you into the wilderness, inspired by your desire for adventure.



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