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T-Shirt "The heritage of adventure" J8S


This T-shirt has a message for you: happiness depends on the richness of your adventures.
T-shirt with rectangular print containing a stylised outdoor scene of fir trees, mountains and clouds.
Next to it, in another rectangle, the Jeep® logo. Below, in a third rectangle, the slogan "THE HERITAGE OF ADVENTURE".
The fabric is a very soft but hard-wearing cotton.
The T-shirt comes in both epic Jeep® colors and shades inspired by nature in its purest state.

  1. Color
  2. Vintage Indigo/Light Grey
  3. Avocado/Light Grey
  4. Dark Grey Melange/Macaw Green
  5. White/Black
  6. Y146

  7. [ ]
34.99 $
Ideal Fit
Ideal Fit
Made with care
Made with care
The history of Jeep®, a highly productive source of achievements and emotions since 1941, has left adventure lovers with a rich heritage, which they can draw on to enhance their experiences in both town and country.
In the print on this T-shirt, made up of three rectangles, time seems to stand still. In the largest rectangle, an idealised landscape comprises fir trees, mountains and clouds, the kind of scene you look for each time you leave the concrete jungle behind.
Below is the slogan that explains everything: "THE HERITAGE OF ADVENTURE".
To make the most of this glorious legacy, discover the high-quality fabric of this T-shirt: a very comfortable and hard-wearing cotton.
Choose it in the iconic colors of Jeep® history or in the kind of colors you'll see when you venture into the great outdoors.
The Jeep® logo is in another rectangle, next to the outdoor scene. Because with Jeep® every place you go offers more.



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