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T-SHIRT "Vehicle AllOver" J8W

Unique features and a legendary slogan enclosed in the historic Willys: don't miss out on this cult T-shirt!
T-shirt with a Willys silhouette print. The silhouette is made up of a texture formed by the slogan "CAPTURING THE SPIRIT OF HUMAN ENDEAVOR" repeated multiple times.
The fabric is a very hardwearing, comfortable cotton.
The logo is displayed vertically on the front, behind the Willys spare tyre.

34.99 $
Ideal Fit
Ideal Fit
In the Jeep® world, nothing is left to chance. Everything is designed to embody the spirit of a legend that has been going strong since 1941.
That's why the texture that fills the Willys outline is not purely decorative. It contains a message, a call to action to surpass your limits and achieve the goals to which you have always aspired.
"CAPTURING THE SPIRIT OF HUMAN ENDEAVOR" is the phrase repeated over and over in the print. It's an invitation to live every adventure to the full, and you'll find it easy to comply, thanks to the superior quality of this T-shirt, made of soft but hardwearing cotton.
The Jeep® logo is displayed on the front, next to the Willys spare tyre, close to the action as ever.

COMPOSITION: 100% COTTON - Light Grey Melange/Night Blue COMPOSITION: 90% COTTON 10% VISCOSE


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