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T-Shirt Vintage Effect "Bear - Outdoors" J8S


The T-shirt with the bear, because nature goes hand in hand with adventure.
T-shirt with a stylised print of a bear, encircled by the words ‘EXPLORE THE OUTDOORS, Clothing for all life's adventures’, split across the middle by the number 1941, the year Jeep® was founded.
Made of strong, comfortable, high-quality cotton, it is treated with a special process that gives the color an uneven appearance, creating a lived-in effect.
The crew neck is raw-cut.
The range of available colors comprises those that have always been part of Jeep® history along with others drawn from nature.
The Jeep® logo is on the front, right under the print.


Regular Price: $45.90

Special Price $22.95

  1. Color
  2. Blue Night/Black
  3. Pine Green/Black
  4. Dark Grey/Black
  5. Almond/Potting Soil

  6. [ ]

Regular Price: $45.90

Special Price $22.95

22.95 $
Strong Seams
Strong Seams
Ideal Fit
Ideal Fit
The bear is the animal that symbolises that wild and unspoiled environment you like to return to after a week, or even a day, spent in the urban jungle.
This versatile, dependable T-shirt is special because it is equally suited to city life and trips into the deepest forest. After all, that's exactly what the writing around the bear says: ‘EXPLORE THE OUTDOORS, Clothing for all life's adventures.’
When you're heading to places you never imagined, you can rely on its soft, durable cotton, and enjoy the lived-in look of the color, created using a special dyeing technique.
And to authenticate the epic story told by the print is that famed number, 1941, birthdate of a legend on 4-wheels.
To enhance the rugged look, the crew neck is raw-cut for added authenticity.
A T-shirt so full of adventure and history could only be produced in the iconic colors of the Jeep® legend, or in those of the outdoor environment you love to venture into.
You'll find the Jeep® logo on the front, below the print.



Customer Reviews
By David On 1/31/2019
Bought this on spec' to go with a Jeep Jacket and very surprised at the softness of the material and the comfort of the fit.
It washed up good too; no sagging around the collar and still a nice fit. Great value for money, I have paid more for a 'T' and got a lot less!