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T-Shirt Vintage-Effect "End of the trail" J8S


The setting sun and a trail leading to the foot of a mountain: this T-shirt is a work of modern adventure!
T-shirt with print of the words ‘END OF THE TRAIL’ over an illustration showing the setting sun between two mountain peaks reached by a winding path.
The print is in an irregular style that imitates freehand drawing.
The comfortable, durable cotton is dyed using a special treatment that makes the color uneven, creating a lived-in effect.
The crew neck is raw-cut.
The T-shirt is available in colors made legendary by Jeep® history and in colors inspired by the natural world.
The Jeep® logo is on the front, right under the print.


Regular Price: $45.90

Special Price $22.95

  1. Color
  2. Blue Night/Black
  3. Pine Green/Black
  4. Dark Grey/Black
  5. Light Grey/Dark Grey

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Regular Price: $45.90

Special Price $22.95

22.95 $
Strong Seams
Strong Seams
Ideal Fit
Ideal Fit
The faded print of this T-shirt encapsulates a whole world of Jeep® exploration and freedom. The sun setting behind two mountain peaks and a trail leading you to the start of an unmarked path: what more could you want from a trip?
And the phrase ‘END OF THE TRAIL’ is an invitation to go further, go anywhere, do anything.
Whether you're travelling the streets of the city or venturing into the woods, this T-shirt with its comfortable, hard-wearing, high-quality cotton is the one for you.
Another noteworthy detail: the illustration is designed in a style that imitates a freehand drawing, for an even greater sense of authenticity.
And the special treatment to make the color uneven gives the fabric a lived-in look.
The raw-cut crew neck is the perfect addition to this rugged appearance.
The colors in which the T-shirt is available are also special, ranging from the iconic tones of Jeep® legend to shades that will remind you of your adventures in the wilderness.
Under the print is the Jeep® logo, like the signature on a valuable painting.



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By Didier On 4/16/2019
J’aime beaucoup