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XP Thermo Merino Vest


With the warmth and performance of technical wool, even the most distant destinations seem closer.
Thermal sleeveless jacket combining natural fibers and technical materials to deliver outstanding performance for extreme adventures in changeable weather. Exterior in merino wool, treated to be water repellent. Transparent interior made of a technical fabric, with two pockets: one for a smartphone and one for documents, both protected by zips. Wool padding ensures both insulation and breathability.

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Regular Price: $349.00

Special Price $174.50

174.5 $
4 way stretch
4 way stretch
Ergonomic fit
Ergonomic fit
Thermal padding
Thermal padding
Experience the benefits of merino wool paired with technical fabrics.
To go beyond conventional limits, you need unconventional, innovative, high-performance clothing.
This sleeveless jacket combines the qualities of extra-fine Merino wool with the performance of technical fabrics: the result is perfect insulation, whatever the weather, and excellent breathability, allowing moisture to escape rapidly.
The exterior is made of merino wool, treated with a special technique to make it water repellent. The interior is padded with insulating, breathable wool, calibrated according to the thermal profile of the various areas of the body. The inner lining is made of a transparent technical fabric, which reveals the padding and improves wearability.

Protection and breathability at the sides
Face the toughest trails fearlessly, thanks to the durable technical fabric and the breathable membrane that protects the sides, leaving them fresh and dry.

Jeep® Extreme Performance built into the design
The Jeep® Extreme Performance hallmark appears on the front in two different and original configurations. At the bottom it appears in vertical form, between the two horizontal pockets, while higher up half of the symbol is displayed horizontally, through the original stitching pattern. The same stylised half-silhouette can be seen in the stitching inside and on the back.

Thermal action on the lower back
The area most prone to feeling the cold, the lower back, features a transparent technical fabric complemented by merino wool.

Adventure-proof pockets and interior
The positioning and shape of the pockets are designed for ergonomics and practicality, ensuring maximum support even in the most difficult conditions.
The two vertical zip pockets on the front, positioned where the flexible protective fabric on the sides begins, are ideal for holding the equipment you need to tackle unforeseen events during an adventure on a mountain peak or on the banks of a river. And you can carry a smartphone in the zip pocket inside on the right. To protect your headphones, there's an eyelet inside to stop the wire snagging on rocks or vegetation. A large inside pocket on the left is designed to hold documents or devices.

The quality is in the details
Jeep® Xtreme Performance designs every detail to offer you a garment of the highest quality: from the double layer of fabric around the zip to stop cold air entering to the Jeep® Xtreme Performance symbol embroidered behind the neck.



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