Roccie appuntite, radici sporgenti, ripide discese: la montagna e i suoi sentieri sono un habitat pensato per frenarti. Ma questa non è la tua...




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Weather shelter & insulation from the elements

This is the first of the key concepts behind the body temperature management system that every Jeep® Xtreme Performance garment must respect. Essential to support adventurers operating in hostile conditions. The water-repellent treatment ensures a dry body. The windproof membrane enables it to protect against wind. The use of natural materials coupled with technical fibres create a microclimate that allows the human body to express its full potential. Differentiated lining to provide heat where it’s needed and eliminate it where the body produces too much, composite fibres in the areas most prone to sweating and warm fibres where muscles need to be maintained at the optimal temperature. By keeping the body in its comfort zone we ensure maximum performance. All the time.

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Xtreme badge

When imagination meets discipline, the result is pure harmony.
From the outline formed by the footplate and wheel well arches emerges a symbol, the source of the key details of Jeep® Xtreme Performance clothing. It's a line that strikes a balance between geometry and harmony, one inspired enough to enter the collective imagination and become an icon.
A sideways letter X, sometimes halved to signal a seam or doubled to highlight the joint between two materials. Clothing that embodies the essential values of tenacity, determination, endurance and resilience. Clothing in harmony with nature at its most hostile, fiercely characterised by those distinguishing features that can be identified anywhere, especially by their own kind.
Every single part of a Jeep® Xtreme Performance garment is easily recognisable, because it has its origins in a shared identity.
A seam, a pocket, a pairing of fabrics, an ergonomic cut: these are all elements drawn from that design which, over the years, has become a distinguishing feature of the quintessential off-road vehicle.
So the most famous wheel well arch ever, joined to its twin by the central footplate, becomes a graphic and stylistic indicator of stitching, joints, lapped seams and supports.
A line with the power to make you feel "Trail rated". Anytime. Anywhere.

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