Nella leggendaria griglia a sette barre c’è una texture con effetto fango: questa t-shirt ti condurrà per strade non mappate e sentieri avventurosi...




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An insatiable thirst that drives me: that’s adventure. It’s all around us but not everyone recognises it; it attracts us like the opposite pole of a magnet; it submerges us and transports us to another dimension. Adventure is a dream you can see coming true, a horizon you can touch, a mountain peak you can reach. Adventure is whatever lies beyond the skyline you can’t wait to leave behind after the working week. Adventure is anywhere I can go with just four wheels, a tent and the desire to add another tile to the mosaic of my experiences.

Collection philosophy

Man loves symbols, because they perfectly encapsulate the idea of belonging: to a group, a club, a team, or simply an ideal where values and symbolism evolve together, feeding into one another day after day. In 1941, two simple symbols - a grille and 7 slots - began to spread around the world, gradually becoming associated with freedom, tenacity and reliability. The unstoppable Jeep® vehicle driven by equally unstoppable men was transformed from a simple off-road vehicle into something more, representing strength and adventure. From there, it was just a short step to legendary status. These symbols, found in various shapes and sizes in the Jeep® branded collections, transmit that legend onto anyone who wears them. You’ve seen those 7 slots in hundreds of movies. And now, as you wear them embroidered on a sweatshirt, printed on a T-shirt or stitched on a jacket, you’ll realise the DNA of the collection you love strengthens your own identity too.

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